Possible Stevia Dangers For Human Beings

Stevia is a plant that is found in South America. For numerous centuries, the plant’s extract has been used for the purpose of sweetening various foods and beverages. However, some people are concerned with possible Stevia dangers regarding human consumption of the extract. Those who wish to learn more will find the following facts helpful.

The sweetener is calorie-free and it is over one-hundred times sweeter than traditional sugar. The substance’s primary ingredient is a component called stevioside. The popularity of the sweetener has increased considerably over the past few years. Many consumers prefer it to the other options available on today’s market such as saccharin or aspartame.

The plant’s sweet taste comes from the steviosides it contains. The product that is available to consumers is made in a manner that is similar to the way coffee is distilled. Essentially, the plant essences are extracted in order to use them in the production of a marketable sweetener.

Most dangers of the sweetener are both supported and unsupported. Some research indicates that large amounts of the extract can result in kidney damage. However, proponents of the substance state that any supplement that is overused or taken in extremely high doses can have this result, and if used in a normal way, Stevia will not cause kidney damage.

There were also rumors that the substance may cause infertility, but this was largely due to statements made by women in South America who used the extract as a contraceptive. However, one my be interested to know that for each study that appears to support this claim, there is another that cites the opposite results. This is indicative of the need for a considerable amount of additional research concerning this issue.

Low blood pressure, also called hypotension, is a serious health disorder that can result in coma or death if its nature is severe. There is a significant amount of research indicating that the extract of the plant can lower a person’s blood pressure. Although this can be quite advantageous for those who have hypertension, medical professionals recommend that those with hypotension exercise extreme caution when using the sweetener.

Certain research has indicated that the substance may have significant medical benefits as well as possible dangers. As a white sugar alternative, the sweetener is helpful to those for whom weight management is necessary. It is also a good choice for diabetics as it has no effect on blood glucose levels. However, almost all researchers agree that additional studies are necessary to completely understand the potential Stevia dangers that may exist with the constant use of the sweetener.

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