A Personal Story Of Lasik Eye Surgery

I have never had Lasik eye surgery, although I have had both of my human lenses replaced with plastic ones. However, I wanted to help a friend recount his story of Lasik eye surgery, because I know from my own experience that there is a lot of nonsense talked about having eye surgery of any form.

I robustly urge anyone who is thinking about having cataracts removed, Lasik eye surgery or absolute lens replacement to go ahead and have it done as soon as they can. There will be no looking back, I assure you and you will live in a brighter world again that you had not noticed had been growing gradually but surely ever dimmer.

I shall name my friend Fred to make it easier for me to tell his story and that of numerous others who have been in a equivalent position to him. Fred wore specs all his life or from the time that he was in the Navy doing his national conscription service at any rate.

He got used to this predicament, but was growing concerned at the rate that his glasses were growing in thickness year on year and the growing dependency he had on them.

After months of worry and chatting to ‘friends’ in bars, he decided to go talk to the only other person whose opinion actually mattered – the Lasik surgeon. He was quite nervous that they would say that his eyesight was too far impaired, but he was also worried that they would say he could undergo the operation because he had a dread of anyone doing anything to his eyes which could rob him of the little bit of vision that he still had.

The surgeon stated that both of his eyes could benefit from surgery, one maybe more than the other, but that he would definitely still require glasses for the remainder of his life, albeit weaker ones than he was wearing now. In effect, the surgeon was stating that he could restore most of Fred’s long-distance eyesight but that at his age, 63, he would still require reading spectacles.

Fred turned up on the morning of the first operation having not been to the pub and having had an early night. In his circumstances they operated on one eye at a time with a week in between the operations. They started each session by putting drops in his eye. These drops dilate and numb the eye although the eyeball does not actually feel any pain.

The operations lasted around three minutes each, but Fred is not certain how much of that was ‘laser time’. He said there was a sensation of intense white light, but no pain whatsoever. He was told to rest in the waiting room for thirty minutes afterwards and then he went home.

On his physician’s advice he had taken a friend with him, because your old glasses will not fit on top of the protective shield on your treated eye. This shield had to be worn for 24 hours to prevent Fred from poking or rubbing his eye inadvertently.

Fred had taken the next day off work, but he says there was no necessity and he did not bother the next time. Fred’s eyes have improved hundreds of percent and sometimes he can even read without spectacles too.

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