The Problems Of Prolonged Hyperglycemia

The rate of diabetes is on the increase and has been for years not just in the West but in many countries is other parts of the world too. This has been linked to the growing incidence of obesity which in turn has been linked to various factors.

There are several suggestions why the number of obese people is increasing, the most common of which are raised prosperity, deskbound jobs, sedentary lifestyle (far too much TV); poor diet (far too much junk food) and food additives.

A sedentary job and lifestyle ultimately often leads to a deficiency of exercise and a poor diet is usually the result of not being able to cook either because of a lack of time or ability. Junk food fills the gap.

Therefore, two of the main causes of of diabetes in later life are poor diet and shortage of exercise, which can often be distilled to one major cause: laziness. Can’t be bothered to cook or learn how to and would rather watch a film than go for a walk.

This is not every diabetic’s reason for being ill, obviously. There are also genetic dispositions and organ failures, but Type II diabetes is linked with obesity which is reaching epidemic proportions.

However, despite the high numbers of diabetics, there is also a pre-diabetic state. This pre-diabetic state is when the blood- sugar levels are greater than standard, but are not life-threatening. This again is most prevalent in the overweight.

A person in the pre-diabetic state will not notice anything, because a GP needs to do tests to ascertain the condition. People can go for years and even decades in this condition with no apparent injury.

However, elevated blood-sugar levels do have damaging side effects. If you are in this condition, it is crucial to rebalance the condition of your blood in order to reduce your chances of becoming diabetic. The condition of having too much sugar or glucose in the blood is known as ‘hyperglycaemia’.

Some of the most common symptoms of hyperglycaemia are: kidney damage; intestinal worries; poor circulation in the extremities (so particularly the feet), which may produce sensations of tingling or coldness and sight damage (especially cataracts).

The problem for many people is that you have to work closely with your physician to bring your blood- sugar levels back under control. For those who live in remote areas or have little money this can become a big problem.

There are self-testing kits and medication for those who are able and willing to make use of them and they are far more preferable than having to inject with insulin everyday if you allow the situation get too far out of hand. Being pre-diabetic is a loud wake up call.

Exercise and a good diet of home-cooked food is the combination that will go a long way to improving the state of your blood. It is necessary to consume slow-burning foodstuffs like (meat and) vegetables rather than fast-burning sugary foodstuffs and it is vital to remove the excess sugar in your blood, if your internal organs cannot regulate it, by burning it off, which is best achieved by physical activity.

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