Water Weight Loss: Water Makes The Best Thirst Quencher

“Quench thirst with water.” That’s what Time-Out Windy City Magazine reports in their 7-23-29 magazine. They state that “71% of consumers report water is your favorite summer time thirst beverage.” When it comes to the perfect thirst quencher, water is the right choice.

To satisfy your thirst, there is no alternative to water. But just like the 2nd piece of cake isn’t as good as the 1st, neither is the second glass of H2O. After some time, drinking right levels of H2O is easier said than done. Drinking the right levels of H2O is important to both quench your thirst and keeping you properly hydrated.

Trouble is, water gets boring and sometimes you have no desire for plain water and typically reach for high caloric beverages like juices and soda. Other times you may reach for coffee and tea that actually dehydrate you. Even though they both are made with water, coffee and tea provides us with no hydration benefits.

There has been no real options for these high calorie drinks nor are there effective products that really help promote hydration. Mixing your own flavored waters is 1 possible option. Using fresh fruits and natural fruit concentrates in tap water is 1 certainly a way to avoid drinks with calories while making water taste good.

Buying bottles of flavored water is another good choice. There are quite a few bottled flavored waters in the grocery stores. Find ones that taste great, pricing that won’t break the wallet and most important, find flavored water without calories, or the smallest amounts out there. Or, it may properly hydrate you but it may add extra calories and inches to your waist line.

Flavored water with no calories is becoming a popular low cost choice over high caloric beverages. Here are some of the top reasons we drink flavored water. We drink it as an everyday treat that is quickly becoming a favorite choice for consumers.

Drinking water at sufficient levels is tough and flavored waters makes drinking tap water easier and more fun to do. Sodas, teas and coffee dehydrate consumers even though they are made with H2O. Flavored water is a healthy alternative for healthy people.

We also consume water with flavoring for general refreshment, versus sugary alternatives and to get a feeling of something meaningful. Flavored water beats out ordinary bottled water when it comes to great tasting. Flavored water also aids to satisfy a craving for sweet things and sugars.

Flavored water really dominates in the soft drink market where we are looking for new products at a value. Search for the bottled flavor water in your supermarket. Natural flavor concentrates are also available ecommerce, have zero calories and let you prepare your own perfect thirst quencher, for pennies a serving.

The more you prefer the taste of water, the more water you will drink and that is great for your well being. It’s that simple! When it comes to diets, flavored water with zero calories makes the “perfect diet drink” and is obviously a way to enhance the “perfect thirst quencher.”

In another look at the reasons we drink flavored water, keep this one item in mind. By enhancing the flavor of water and making it taste better, the second piece of cake may be just as good as the first. And, in this case, the more cake you consume, the better it is for your body: the bodies’ cells, your brain, metabolism and blood stream. Please give me a third piece!

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