Guideline For Selling Extra Diabetic Testing Strips

Have you recently changed diabetic meters or decreased the amount of time you check your blood sugar? Are your diabetic supplies piled up with no place to go? Diabetic supplies take up a lot of room! You should donate or sell your extra diabetic testing strips before they expire.

If you search online, you will find a lot of folks purchasing extra diabetic strips. They use the strips to help uninsured folks get the supplies they need. Selling your strips benifits folks who have trouble affording diabetic supplies.

Why not sell your extra testing strips? You are helping others and making a bit of money at the same time.

How do you choose a company to work with online? You need to make certain you are dealing with folks you can trust. The following suggestions should help you alleviate these concerns.

1. Choose a comapny with a telephone number (and make sure it is answered or at least your call is returned timely.) It is strongly recommended that you find a company that answers their own phone rather than an answering service. If there are ever any issues you want to deal directly with someone who can assist you.

2. Make a judgement about how responsive they are to your questions. They should make time to answer all your questions and deal with you fairly on the phone. Trust your “gut” feeling based on your phone call.

3. Ask about the cost of mailing the diabetic strips to them. A solid company will pay for your shipping.

4. Inquire about how long it takes to get your payment. A solid company will pay you quickly. Aim for no less than a three day turn-around for your payment.

5. Check out their reputation. Make sure they have solid customer relationships and are registered with the Better Busienss Bureau.

After you have checked out the company you should feel confident selling them your unneeded diabetic test strips.

When your testing needs decrease or your meter changes, selling your extra diabetic test strips is a great way to recycle them and make a little bit of money at the same time.

Sandi Vanosdale is a diabetic who has extra blood glucose strips occasionally for years for a number of reasons. One day she decided to see if she could recycle those extra diabetic test strips and she came across a great company that she calls now everytime she has excess test strips. You can call them, Test Strip Search for a quote on any extra blood glucose strips you might have.

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