Six Common Myths Associated With Diabetes

Over time, countless lies have grown regarding diabetes. People with the disease often come across these myths and get confused. Can diabetic medicine lead to blindness? Will I have to give up sweets forever? Will all my children end up with diabetes. Can I fix my diabetes?

MYTH #1 People with diabetes can’t eat sugar or anything sweet.

That is an outrageous and persistent lie. It is wrong and scary for the diabetic. Blood glucose must be watched carefully, but sweets in moderation are not harmful.

People who struggle with diabetes must watch their portions of extremely sweet food. They must make wise choices and monitor their blood glucose carefully. Most diabetics can indulge in an occasional sugary snack.

A health care professional can help you decide how to mange sweets and diabetes together.

MYTH #2 Diabetes is caused from eating sugar

Eating sugar does not cause diabetes! Diabetes is believed to be caused by genetic and lifestyle factors together. Being overweight does make it more likely for you to develop Type Two Diabetes, but eating sugar itself doesn’t cause diabetes.

MYTH #3 You can contract diabetes from another person.

Exposure to diabetics doesn’t make you more likely to get diabetes!

There is no evidence that diabetes is contagious. One person does not “give” another person the disease by association. Diabetes does tend to run in families. If you have a close relative with diabetes you are more likely to someday be diagnosed with the illness.

MYTH #4 Diabetes is curable.

Diabetes is a chronic condition meaning that it doesn’t ever go away once it is diagnosed. Luckily, there are many ways to manage the disease. There are no magical cures.

MYTH #5 Diabetics have a limited lifestyle.

With modern medicine, diabetic management is excellent and there are far fewer medical complications related to diabetes than there used to be. Close glucose monitoring and better insulin has led to controlled blood sugar and far fewer diabetic complications than in the past.

Medical care advances have led to better lives and longer life expectancy of diabetics all over the world.

Maggi Johonson is a health guru who helps diabetics manage their active lifestyles. She enjoys guiding people to control their diabetes through balanced eating, physical activity and a balanced mental attitude. She encourages folks with diabetes to study the disease and recommends this quick list of useful diabetic resources.. For quick, easy to read articles, check out this diabetic blog.

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