Diabetic Symptoms – What You Need To Know

[youtube:g9zjQLkgHig;[link:Symptoms Of Diabetes];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9zjQLkgHig&feature=related] Diabetes is a chronic disease that has become an increasing burden around the world. The sad truth is that, diabetes does not merely take years from life, but also life from your years. It is necessary for you to be aware of symptoms of diabetes because the earlier the condition is identified; the better your likelihood is of keeping at bay diabetes complications including loss of sight, amputation due to gangrenous limb, or death at a young age.

What are the symptoms of diabetes One of the common symptoms is polyuria or excessive urination, which is sometimes as frequently as every hour. This occurs as the kidneys try to do away with excess sugar by pulling more water from the bloodstream to dilute the sugar and eliminate it as urine. Happening directly because of excessive urination is increased thirst, another well-known symptom among diabetics. Diabetes is due to insufficient production of insulin or cells ceasing to be responsive to insulin. In both scenarios, the glucose is not able to get into the cells, causing cellular starvation. However, the resulting substantial levels of insulin in the bloodstream stimulates hunger which makes individuals with diabetes experience frequent hunger pangs that causes them to eat way too much and put on pounds. The cellular starvation will eventually cause the body to use muscle tissue and fats for energy, which in turn causes weight loss. Because of cellular starvation, it’s possible to also feel weak or easily gets fatigued.

Poor wound healing is also another symptom of diabetes and this is due to elevated level of glucose in the blood stopping white blood cells from performing normally. Diabetes is also connected with changes in the blood vessels which hampers flow of both oxygen and nutrients beyond the stricture. This is why diabetics must take good care of their foot because injuries that do not totally or quickly heal could get infected and necrotize. In such situation, the limb may be cut off through amputation to avert systemic infection.

Blurred eyesight is not pathognomonic for diabetes mellitus but is often found in patients with high blood sugar levels. This is also the result of the microvascular changes that occur as a result of diabetes.

If you are suffering from these symptoms, you should visit your physician as soon as possible so that you can be examined for diabetes. It can’t be stressed enough, the sooner the diabetes is detected, the better your odds will be of averting more significant complications to your health. Diagnosis for diabetes is usually carried out by blood work up, which is rather cheap and will not cause a lot of pain or inconvenience. Even though diabetes has no cure, it can be managed with medications, and lifestyle changes.

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