Cholesterol Level Maintenance Tips

Taking care of one’s health is everybody’s priority today because getting sick today is already very costly. Preventing such occurrences to happen necessitates proper health management and part of this is having an ideal cholesterol value. Cholesterol is an element made of lipid and steroid. [youtube:Xi8nv2IUjlU;[link:Cholesterol Ratio];]

A lot of the cholesterol that is present in the human body comes from the liver, and a few of it come from what the food intake. Cholesterol is classified into three categories. Bad cholesterol or low density lipoprotein is one of these three types and they are bad because they may become the reason for a person to have heart diseases.

The opposite of bad cholesterol is the high density lipoprotein or good cholesterol. HDL is good because it doesn’t facilitate the creation of thicker artery walls. Last on the list are the triglycerides – which comprise the plasma lipid or blood fat. Having an ideal level of the following kinds are needed to be free from any diseases. It is then essential to visit the doctor occasionally and have the cholesterol level examined, for you to be aware if measures are necessary to lower your level.

Diet and exercise are the prime ways to achieve a desirable cholesterol level. One of the best ways to do is to eat only 25-35% of fat daily with regards to the amount of calories you take. Of this 25-35%, 7% must be from saturated fat, no greater than 10% from polyunsaturated fat, and no more than 20% from monounsaturated fat. Intake of dietary cholesterol should also be less than 200 milligrams. Eating food high in fibre, increasing physical activity and having a normal weight can also be ways to have a normal cholesterol level.

Cholesterol-lowering medications such as statins can facilitate decrease in cholesterol levels. The option of having to take statins or any other cholesterol-lowering drugs is only taken when there is no other way possible to lower the levels. You should try and learn what a good cholesterol ratio is, ways you can achieve that ratio, etc. You can easily find relevant information on the Internet if you look up. So, if you truly value your health, always check and maintain an ideal cholesterol level by having proper exercise and diet, before it’s too late.

A balanced dietary intake and increased physical activity are formula to get an ideal cholesterol level. For more information about cholesterol & its maintainance to have healthy life please visit here.

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