Do You Have Diabetes?

[youtube:ylducKcKSBQ;[link:Diabetes];] The most common disease that is suffered by a lot of people today is diabetes.

Diabetes is defined as an ailment which is characterized by increase in blood glucose levels due to the fact that the body can’t produce insulin or it is unable to use it like it normally should thus the accumulation of glucose in the blood.

Diabetes comes in two types with different causes. A variation of diabetes is the Type 1 Diabetes which is actually an illness caused by the damage of the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas by the immune system of the body. One more variation of diabetes is the Type 2 Diabetes brought about by the human body’s inability to react to insulin or the incapacity to make insulin.

The first kind of Diabetes has been found to result from viruses destroying pancreas and beta cells, experience of stress and the taking in of harmful medications. The factors that contribute to the emergence of Type 2 Diabetes are completely varied from the first kind of Diabetes. They include obesity which brings about hypertension and high levels of cholesterol and genetic predispositions.

Although there is a difference in the causes of these two variations of Diabetes, the symptoms that a person suffers are kind of identical. You will find information about the symptoms of diabetes if you read along. One of these symptoms is increased number of times of voiding per day. Increased glucose in the blood can prompt a person to increase urination. Another symptom is intense thirst.

This is brought about by the need to replenish the frequently released water due to urination. Experience of intense hunger is also another symptom of diabetes. This phenomenon is brought about by the inability of glucose to reach the cells, thus starving them and prompting the body to find other means to have food. Aside from asking for the body to consume more food, the body will also utilize the stored food that’s in the body already which leads to extreme loss of weight. In simpler terms, this pertains to the body’s use of the muscle tissue and fat for energy.

Exhaustion and tiredness is also another consequence of the decreased amount of energy of the cells in the body. Aside from all of the above, there’s also this symptom of poor healing of bruises and cuts. The increased sugar in the body can undermine the body’s ability to heal. Increased sugar in the blood can also harm the nerves that results in numbing and tingling of feet and hands.

These are just the most common symptoms of diabetes. If you have one or more of the symptoms mentioned above, then it is best to go to a physician right away.

Diabetes is one of the diseases that you have to learn more about. For more information about diabetes and to know more about symptoms, follow the link.

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