Does a high protein diet affect blood glucose levels?

As a nutrition conscious medical doctor, I field many nutritional questions regarding protein during my regular course of practice everyday. There a large number of misconceptions about what particular food types can do whenever they enter one’s body. Let us take a look at the way a high protein diet affects blood sugar levels.

Protein needless to say originates from many sources (Meat, eggs, beans, legumes, etc.) and finds utilization by numerous parts of our body such as:In the role of enzyme catalysts, transport molecules (Hemoglobin-carries oxygen within our blood), Storage molecules (Iron stored as ferritin within the liver), Major component of muscles, bones, skin, Immune function/control, Control of cell growth, and a major aspect of hormones (signaling systems in our body) In my experience with diabetics consuming proteins does NOT affect blood sugars dramatically. (CERTAINLY DOESN’T CAUSE ELEVATIONS IN SUGAR OR FAT STORAGE)

Actually, encouraging a substantially higher proportion of protein within the diabetic diet or those dieting tends to bring about weight loss and improved blood glucose control. Limiting starches, sugars and sweets (especially sodas, juices etc.) along with pushing the consumption of proteins and certain essential fats remains a mainstay of my diet recommendations.

Some believe that protein have more “Calories” than “Carbohydrates” so we should be careful eating them or we’ll get fat. Non-sense. Proteins require greater expenditure of one’s energy to process during the digestion process. Proteins are broken down into essential parts, used then to produce other vital structures and repair our body. The entire process uses energy which ends up in less body fat deposition.

So, for the diabetic, for the individual vulnerable to elevated blood sugars or obesity, ensure that you raise the proportion of organically derived meats, eggs, legumes to your diet. High quality proteins will help diminish hunger between meals, stabilize insulin levels and eventually keep more balanced blood sugar control.

William Curtis MD is a cutting edge doctor that recognizes the fantastic health benefits of a high protein diet. He has employed a blood sugar stabilizing high protein diet to help thousands of patients burn fat, eliminate diabetes, and optimize their health.

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