The Details Concerning Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes is a form of metabolic diseases that results in high blood sugar. The high amount of blood sugar production may be the result of cells not responding properly to insulin that is produced or the body not producing an adequate amount of it. When left untreated, major complications can develop. Diabetes symptoms may be subtle.

There are three key types: gestational, type 1 and type 2. Gestational only occurs in women who are pregnant and usually goes away but could trigger type 2 to develop. Type 1 occurs when the body is incapable of producing the correct amount of insulin required. Type 2 involves resistance to insulin. That is, the cells of the body do not utilize the insulin that is being produced.

Many of the signs and symptoms related to this condition appear harmless and often fly under the radar. Many people have gone months or even years without knowing that they suffered with this problem because they had few to no symptoms. An early diagnosis means early treatment. Those with diabetes are capable of living a relatively normal life if they choose to properly manage the problem. This usually involves a support system, lifestyle change and medication use.

Excessive thirst, as well as an increased need to urinate are common symptoms. Fatigue is another symptom. Several factors can lead to this feeling, but it is usually a result of the dehydration from urinating so frequently.

Weight loss and fluctuations fall under a possible sign. When sugar is lost through urination, calories are also lost. It may also keep the sugar in food from reaching the necessary cells, which leads to the constant feeling of hunger. The mix of these two effects often leads to changes in weight. Sometimes the disease can impact the vision of a person. When there are elevated levels of blood sugar present in a body, they take fluid from tissues, including the eyes, affecting focus ability.

Those who suffer with this are more prone to infections. Likewise, the sugar levels make it difficult for the body to carry out its natural process of healing and fighting off infections. In women with this disease, vaginal and bladder infections are very common. Nerve damage is another potential result of this condition. Tingling of hands and feet or loss of sensation in the areas could be a sign.

If the gums are tender, swollen or red, this could be a symptom. With this condition, the body loses its ability to ward off germs, therefore making itself more susceptible to infections, particularly in the bones and gums of the mouth. It is crucial that all potential symptoms are presented to a doctor.

Diabetes is a disease in which blood sugar levels are high. As a result of that, there are many different diabetes symptoms to look out for including increased urination, tingling limbs, frequent infections, fatigue, irritated gums, blurred vision and extreme thirst. The sooner this condition is detected, the more quickly treatment can be given. Although not curable, this condition is manageable.

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