Diabetes Essential Facts

The idea of diabetes alarms almost anyone because it such a very dangerous and scary disease.

Diabetes mellitus or DM is a group of related conditions wherein the body can no longer maintain a favourable sugar level or blood glucose level. This occurrence brings about many changes in normal body functioning and this includes the following.

First symptom of diabetes is fatigue. When a person has diabetes, the energy he or she uses no longer comes from glucose but from fat which is quite difficult to metabolize.

Also another symptom is unexplained loss of weight due to inability to properly process the calories in the food they eat. Plus, they also lose sugar and water during excessive urination. Both of these two result to loss of weight even when much food is eaten.

A more common symptom is polydipsia or excessive thirst. This occurs because of the increase in sugar content of the blood that prompts the brain to trigger the body to dilute the blood to lower the sugar level by drinking more water. One more cause of this excessive thirst is excessive urination.

Then what follows is this constant and excessive urination or medically known as polyuria. This occurs in the body’s attempt to shed off some of the excess sugar in the blood.

Polyphagia or excessive eating is another sign that’s experienced by people with DM. It is brought about by the increased levels of insulin that prompts the body eat more food.

Also included in the symptoms is poor wound healing. This is due to the fact that high sugar levels hinder the proper functioning of the WBCs that shelter the body from bacteria. Thus, without them functioning properly, poor wound healing occurs that could even lead to wound infection.

Lastly are the symptoms that have a connection with the psyche or mind. When sugar levels reach extreme heights, the mental status of the person becomes affected. These mental changes that occur are agitation, unexplained irritability, inattention, extreme lethargy and confusion.

All these symptoms of diabetes are brought about by a number of diabetes causes. The popular causes are heredity, environment, lifestyle or a medical condition that brings about the disease.

Knowing the basics of diabetes is vital to diabetics and non-diabetics alike. Go here mow to discover more about Treatment of Diabetes.

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