Is Wilma Bryant on Doomsday Preppers Right?

Wilma Bryant provides a very challenging topic to the group of Doomsday Preppers: survival having a sickness. In her case the disease is diabetes, but dependence on medication can significantly complicate the programs of many prospective preppers. So how exactly does she find a way to prepare her survival from the grid which helps to keep her alive?

EF5 Tornados – growing frequency?

Soon after performing a prompt search in the books, the reports support Wilma’s declaration that tornados have really been growing in frequency during the last 30 years. Starting at approximatelt nine hundred through the 80s, the past several years have generated an average closer to twelve hundred a year, a growth of thirty-three%!

Diabetes in a Disaster

According to the program, 8% of the Us population at present is suffering from diabetic issues, and diabetes is the 7th leading cause for death in the country. While we realize that diabetes is one of the leading preventable causes of death caused by extra carbohydrate intake, this isn’t the cause of Wilma’s illness. As an insulin dependent diabetic, she Wilma afflicted with Type I diabetes, an autoimmune disease that attacks the body cells which creates insulin within the pancreas. Until the extensive accessibility to insulin, this was regarded as a fatal disease and people who developed it seldom lived through childhood.

Low carb prepping

I have a feeling Wilma and I would certainly get along since she is even into low carb prepping. Although it is a question of need rather than preference for her, the amount of food she has stored is a testament to the actual way it can be done. To be able to decrease the quantity of insulin she might need for consuming a meal, Wilma has selected lower carbs foods for her storage. With a reduced glycemic index, the food is not converted to blood sugar as quickly (if at all) and considerably less insulin is required to clear the blood vessels.

There are plenty of benefits for non-diabetic preppers to undertake this kind of preparation. For me, if you are experiencing the difficulty of arranging an entire food store, you may also do it in the best manner. In fact, storing sacks of sugar can cause other kinds of diabetes, a better level of hunger as well as obesity which are all major negatives in a post collapse situation.


They say necessity is the mother of invention, and no one has the need to invent like an insulin dependent diabetic. In order to stay alive, Wilma and her daughter needed refrigeration. They have wisely devised ways to use the environment to maintain a stable temperature without the use of electricity. In the event of an f5 tornado or any disaster, loss of infrastructure should be assumed.

The two methods Wilma is planning to refrigerate her insulin are having cold creek water and also by creating an underground storehouse. 5 feet beneath the ground will generally showcase constant temperatures as well as moisture levels like we have experienced previously. It has the extra benefit of being undetectable from possible looters and insulated from the majority of the possible mishaps that might take place outside.

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