How Cellular Therapy Can Be Done Along with Its Treatment

Cellular therapy is the modern way of helping the treatment of a disease with the help of adding new cells to the body tissues. The procedure is done by simply injecting some tissue to any organ of a person and even to an embryo or a fetus. Through this process, the damaged tissues will be helped in functioning again in a normal way.

There are many organs of the body that can be treated by Cellular therapy and these includes the heart, the brain, the kidney, the pancreas, ovary, liver spleen, testis and even more. Gaining restored health through Cellular therapy with its peptide treatments is one great good news as there are a lot of people who are worried with overcoming some hereditary diseases.

The discovery of this started way back in the early 1900s when thyroid cells were injected to children suffering from hyperthyroidism. Yet, before 1900s, it was also heard that this certain Dr. Charles Edward Sequard was into injecting the testicles of animals to human to help hold aging effect. More doctors followed the idea and even reached up to Sweden. Have you heard about how bone marrow transplant is done? After the bone marrow is removed, the cells are also taken and being clean and injected back. Basically, the process is close to that.

Cellular therapy has two types and these are known as allogeneic and autologous. As mentioned above, similar to bone marrow is the autologous because it’s the process of removing the cell, cleaning and then injecting it back to the body of the person. An exact genetic match is needed because this type of Cellular therapy is for diseases that are as such. If there’s no genetic match, then it would mean that the person who has the disease would even get worst. If some incompatible tissues are injected, those have to be removed.

The next type as shared above is the allogeneic. What makes this peptide treatment common is that it can be easily done as there’s no genetic match required. There’s no need for genetic match but the donor simply need to have the same type of tissue. If we compare the two types of cellular therapy, this allogeneic peptide treatment comes to be common. Having the same type of tissue is what’s only required to become a donor. Many have said that the siblings have always been the donors.

Cells are preserved also for future use. As cells are preserved, many people gain some help with the cure of their diseases. However, preserving these cells is very sensitive as it might lost the genetic composition that a person needs. With cellular therapy, there have already been a lot of people cured.

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