Diabetes Concerns with Statins

Statins have been on the market for several years. These medications are used to reduce blood cholesterol levels. Currently, seven statins are on the market and commonly prescribed. This class of medicines has been among the top selling prescribed drugs in U.S history.

Those with high cholesterol could undergo a heart attack or stroke. Ever since their approval, debates about treatment with these drugs have not stopped.

Limited number of studies has suggested that consuming statins could affect blood sugar level and perhaps cause diabetes. What is really the truth?

Is it possible that any of these cholesterol lowering medications could cause diabetes?

I have decided to ask this question from Dr. Daneschvar who is one of the experts in cholesterol treatment and heart and vascular disease prevention. He is the founder of TheMedCircle. I like this new site because the answers to patients’ questions are only provided by the experts based on independent and fact-based information. TheMedCircle has published Dr. Daneschvar’s response to this question on their site.

In asked him whether statins, in view of the new research data, should be avoided. He replied that consuming statins in patients at risk for having heart attacks and strokes offset the risk of having diabetes. I found the following quote to be very thought-provoking: “The notion that statins can be put in the public water so that everybody is able to enjoy benefits should be questioned. We as human beings have learned to use automobiles despite its many adverse effects and problems. Using medication in the right and measured way is not very different.”

I have decided to write this post after seeing that many individuals still have the same worries that I had last year. I believe reading the entire article on TheMedCircle could answer this question for many people.

I will carry on taking statins until better data is accessible. I will also continue observing my diet. Everyone knows that this is not easy to do. I am aware that finding trustworthy and accurate answers to common medical problems can be puzzling and challenging particularly when there are many sites providing inaccurate and confusing information.

Article Source: Could Statins Cause Diabetes?

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