Information About The Symptoms Of Diabetes In Kentucky

Anyone who suspects that he or she has diabetes in Kentucky is wise to schedule an appointment with a medical professional. This is due to the fact that the condition can have life-threatening consequences if the appropriate treatment is not sought. The disorder results from a malfunctioning of the pancreas, an important organ in the human body. It can also be caused by specific metabolic problems.

The majority of an individual’s food turns to glucose shortly after it has been consumed, which is the body’s main source of fuel. After it is digested, glucose passes into the bloodstream where it is used as a source of energy and growth for the cells. However, insulin must be present to process the glucose. Diabetics do not produce adequate amounts of insulin. As a result of this, glucose builds up in their bloodstream. Symptoms of this disorder will vary depending on the type of diabetes one has, as well as any other health problems he or she may be experiencing.

One of the primary and most noticeable symptoms of type I diabetes, the kind that affects juveniles, is frequent urination. This particular symptom commonly manifests at night, and those suffering from the condition usually find themselves arising from bed 2-4 times each night for the purpose of emptying a full bladder. Excessive thirst may also be present.

A sudden increase in appetite, especially in children and teenagers, is also one of the symptoms of diabetes. One may find that he or she is excessively hungry only a short time after a full meal has been consumed. Many times, such hunger is accompanied by the urge to binge on carbohydrates and starchy foods. Irritability, fatigue, and the feeling of being in a mental fog are often experienced by diabetics as well.

Type I diabetics often experience weight loss even though there is no reason for this to occur. This is often referred to as idiopathic weight loss. Those who experience this phenomenon should seek the advice of a medical professional.

In addition to the symptoms outlined above, frequent infections, particularly yeast infections, can be a classic symptom of adult onset diabetes, otherwise known as type II. Infections in other parts of the body, or an infection that takes a long time to heal may also point to this disorder.

Vision changes are not uncommon with type II diabetics, and these most frequently manifest in the form of blurred vision. This is because the lens of the eye swells when glucose levels are too high. In numerous instances, such symptoms are ignored, as the sufferer assumes that he or she is experiencing the eyesight changes that are associated with aging. It is never a good idea to ignore blurry vision.

Diabetics often notice that any cuts and scratches they acquire are slow to heal. This is because the condition affects circulation in all areas of the body. Numbness and tingling in the hands and feet are often experienced as well. This is is also due to a decrease in circulation. Those who suspect they have diabetes in Kentucky should schedule an appointment with a medical practitioner as soon as possible.

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