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Procerin: Is It Effective In Treating Male Hair Loss?

Procerin is a hair loss prevention system designed especially for men consisting of two parts: a supplement and a topically applied product. While they may be used on their own, they produce the best results when they are used together. Procerin is rather popular as it’s both cheap and uses natural ingredients. Herbs, vitamins, and minerals are what constitute both the pills and the topical foam. Procerin is an over-the-counter hair loss prevention remedy and thus far, no side effects have been noted.

Procerin tablets are especially formulated of primarily natural, herbal components. The supplements are taken orally. No known side effects have been documented and the supplements can in fact be used by men with hair loss problems regardless of age. The supplements have ingredients that have been tested to block DHT, a compound that is to blame for male pattern baldness. Procerin XT Topical Activator Foam, the other half of this system, is applied right to the scalp. It is made from ingredients that stop DHT from binding to the follicles of hair, thereby preventing hair loss. This user friendly foam also contains growth stimulators, to speed the regrowth rate of hair which has already begun to thin.

This system is recommended for younger men who are at the first stages of hair loss. The fact is, steady thinning at the hair line in men can begin as early as in their 20s. Even though not really noticeable initially, this will progress to a receding hairline and thinning of hair overall. Sooner or later, this usually leads to full or partial baldness. At these initial phases, Procerin can effectively halt the progression of hair loss and often help grow back what has been lost. While Procerin could slow down hair loss, it won’t reverse it if the hair loss is already in the advanced stages. However, it is perfectly safe to use the Procerin system jointly with potent prescription treatments like Rogaine.

Women may use Procerin, but it will not actually do much good. Procerin’s formulation is for primarily targeting male baldness’ common root cause, androgenetic alopecia. Even though Procerin is claimed to work within 30 days, it generally takes 60 to 90 days for significantly noticeable results to appear. Procerin is not really a miracle product, even if many of the individuals who use it claim they experienced considerable improvements. It won’t reverse hair loss at all times.

Normal results from this product are good, but mild. Some new hair growth is experienced after a number of months, but rarely a full recovery to the full head of hair you had before problems set in. Additionally, Procerin is not really a permanent hair loss prevention cure. In most folks, hair loss is likely to increase soon after discontinuing the use of Procerin. Procerin is a good treatment solution for individuals whose hair loss is still in the beginning stages. Likewise, it’s a fantastic supporting treatment for the more advanced stages of hair loss. If your expectations aren’t inflated, you’ll be very glad you gave it a try.