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How Fructose Contributes To Obesity, Diabetes And Cardio-Vascular Diseases

Many people enjoy eating candy bars, cookies and other foods that have sugar on a daily basis. This is a bad habit that can lead to serious health problems, if it is not controlled. The body does not need this sugar as it is able to make its own by breaking down proteins and carbohydrates. Some foods such as corn syrup contain a high amount of fructose. According to scientists these sugars can cause illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

A lot of fructose in the body is known to cause metabolic syndrome in people and animals as well. This is a collection of factors that increase your chances of developing cardio vascular diseases, diabetes and other illnesses. If you compare two diets, one that has high levels of fructose and another that contains starch you will find that the former leads to fat accumulation around the body.

Sugars that occur naturally such as those that are found in honey and fruits are fine as long as they are taken in moderation. What is not advisable is taking too much added sugars such as those found in artificial foods.

Many processed foods contain artificial flavors that are not good for the body. When you take a fruit you get vitamins, fiber, minerals and a lot of photo-nutrients all which are good for your growth. Sugar in the form of fructose is also present. Fruits such as oranges and apples contain sugar that is not harmful to the body. Even if you eat two or three fruits, you only get about an ounce of sugar and some fibers.

One can of soda has way more sugar than fruits and it has no fiber or nutrients at all. It contains a lot of artificial flavors that are not needed in the body. It is therefore advisable to take an orange or any other fruit rather than a soda because it is the healthier option.

Some time back sugar was expensive and only rich people could afford it. Nowadays, it is cheap and most food processors prefer to add it to their foods because it is cheaper than flour. Artificial sweeteners are used in many products such as yogurt, ketchup, sodas and many others. It is wise to avoid sugars because they flood your body with glucose.

Sugar fills your bloodstream with glucose which transforms to fat. Too much fat will lead to blockage in the arteries and this is the beginning of cardiovascular problems and obesity. Diabetes also develops when there is too much sugar. It is therefore advisable to avoid consuming too much processed foods if you want to live a healthy life.

If you already have fat in your body you can get rid of it though a couple of activities. Burn down the fat by engaging in exercises and other physical activities. A healthy diet will also help you to improve your well being. Avoid foods that are processed because they have a lot of added sugars. Focus on getting natural food which is healthier. Watching the food you eat will allow you to stay free of heart problems, diabetes and obesity.

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